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The Baby Doll

Love, heartbreak, and tragedy have a way of changing people. But can true love survive the test of time? 

That voice. It sent torrents of lightning bolts through her very being. How could it be him?

After twenty years of hard work, Sidney had finally managed to erase her painful memories of Eureka Mound. As an award-winning photographer, she had traveled the world and vowed never to return to the small town that had once held her hopes and dreams, only to crush them.

But now, on her latest assignment to cover the heartwarming story of a newly built school in a small community, she found herself back in Eureka Mound. And with it, all the memories of Patrick Wynne, the town's favorite football jock who took pleasure in teasing the girls. How many times had she hidden in the bathroom just to avoid seeing him in the hallway?

As she struggled to keep her emotions in check, Sidney's heart skipped a beat when she heard that voice again. It was Patrick, now a police officer, asking for her registration. Would this unexpected encounter change their lives forever?

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